Ally Milestone ARchives

Ally teamed up with Milestone Media and DC to champion the next generation of diverse comic book creators by creating an interactive back-story adventure inside of Snapchat. We created a portal lens that held 4 floors of content, 3 interactive and animated backstories, mini game, superhero selfie lens, and a hidden discovery.


Ally Bank


Product design

My Role

Experience Design Director




Solving usability in Augmented Reality to bring 4 diverse comic book stories to life in one Snap Lens.

I created a vertical AR portal concept to solve for both physical space (size of portal) and story space (visual immersion space).

It functions similar to a virtual elevator. Users only need to have the physical space available to drop the elevator floor platform. Once the user places the platform and steps on - the platform  transports them into the Ally x Milestone experience.

Once inside the portal the user sees three interactive comic books hovering around the platform. Each comic book is a trigger that moves the platforms to the respective characters floor, much like pressing a floor on an elevator.


Other work

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