Darwin Visual Programming

Darwin is a project I did for a client as a visual programming demonstration. The client was kind enough to allow me to show bits and pieces of the work done.

I was the sole designer tasked with creating a representation of a visual programming application from scratch and then bringing it to life through an animated video detailing the interworking behind the clients IP.




Motion Design

My Role






The main challenge was figuring out how to translate a design made in Sketch to a full-blown demonstration of a product in After Effects.

Note: In order to protect the client's underlying IP, the audio has been muted and large segments of the final deliverable have been removed.


After Effects Animation

The interface was designed in Sketch. I then converted the design to into an Adobe Illustrator file to be importable in After Effects with all layers in-tact. Finally, I built out the final animation and rendering in After Effects.

  • After Effects
  • Sketch
  • Illustrator
  • Hello I am Darwin

    Darwin is the narrator of the video. He guides the user through the process of visual programming. His voice has been muted throughout the rest of the clips for client privacy.

    Input Output

    Demonstrates the basics of connecting functions in a visual programing interface

    Building the Function

    Connect multiple pieces of logic together to build a larger function.

    Create a Reusable Function

    Convert a sequence of connected logic into a single input and output that can be reused later.

    Run the Logic

    Demonstrates the use of the newly created function to perform complex tasks.

    Other work

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