Uber Reserve Airport Dad Lounge

To help Uber launch the new Uber Reserve program, our team at De-Yan took this campaign concept of “Airport Dad” and designed a full experiential pop-up activation to reinforce awareness. The experience included an interactive sign in and AI postcard creation, an AR dad fit try-on experience and game of how fast can you pack the car.




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Associate Creative Director




“To increase awareness of Uber’s Reserve feature we looked to Airport Dads – the archetypal planner and unlikely frontman whose hyper-vigilance provides the same benefit as our product. Peace of mind.

We built an exclusive Airport Dad Lounge in Chicago O’Hare airport. A planners paradise, it had everything an Airport Dad could need or want. All you had to do to access the lounge was reserve your ride.” —Description from agency partner at Johannes Leonardo


Case Study coming soon.

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